Heaven help me, I didn't see the devil in your eyes
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so my dad’s girlfriend and I were bonding and swimming in a hotel pool together and my dad walks out with a smile one his face like he’s the shit and all and he walks up to the edge of the pool where we are, and tells his girlfriend “we’re getting married in vegas” and she gets out of the pool and starts dancing and slips and falls into the pool and when she comes back up she turns to him and she’s like “no Elvis” and goes back underwater and I can’t even

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im going to be traveling the country with my dad, my dad’s gf and two dogs… send help
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so yesterday i got home from my best friend’s birthday party and thirty seconds later my sister comes into my room and asks me if i can keep a secret and i said it depends and she pulled a fucking cat out from behind her back and i was like “i think we can keep this between us”


his name is peanut and hes this country’s most precious secret 

well now 171 people know about this you had one job

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her: come over
me: i can't my dog just fell asleep on my lap
her: my parents aren't home
me: he is ASLEEP
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does anybody actually follow the dennys tumblr or what

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Amsterdam - 25/06

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5 Seconds of Summer in Manchester.

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Dallas, 15.04

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My activity spikes every Wednesday because of this post 

always reblog on a wednesday, that’s the rule.

On Wednesdays we reblog

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dylan o’brien + that cute thing he does with his nose during interviews 

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